Our Story


We are new to the online markets but we’ve been established in retail since 1980!


It started back in 1980, when Imran Stores was opened. My mother began running the business with no previous experience and slowly began to make it work. Through trial and error she managed to find out what was selling and what wouldn’t. I’m sure if I look around in the storage room long enough I can find the mishaps from those days! 

Through the times she adapted and changed as the customers changed. She went from selling rolls of cloth to the ready made clothes to the latest trend of branded clothing. One of the fondest memories I have of this time is the HUGE amount of motorway miles we racked up travelling up and down the UK to pick up stock. Thankfully things have changed since then and I can finally have my weekends back. 


And now…


Sadly my mother passed away in February 2019 and the running of the shop was passed down to myself and my wife. Like with all high street stores it was time to innovate with the times. Hence Kapra Couture was created.

So from treading the waters on eBay to a few months later creating our own website we have moved a fair bit from the days of selling the bric-a-brac of the 80’s!

We’re constantly wanting to improve the site and with these early steps I’ve already seen alot of changes.

We hope you like what you see on the site and if there are any improvements we would love to hear about them.

Here’s to taking baby steps into the future.